<!channel> we'll be consolidating this community. ...
# ask-a-growth-question
<!channel> we'll be consolidating this community. For now, we'll have 3 channels: ā€¢ #ask-a-growth-question = where you can ask a growth question ā€¢ #introduce-yourself = where you can introduce yourself ā€¢ #share-what-you-are-working-on = where you can share what you're working on We removed the other channels due to them being not-so-useful to the community and not getting the traction we wanted. We'll add a new channel soon called "growth stories". There you can post about your or another person growth story and what worked/what didn't. We've learned that third-party-experiences are much better than second-person-advice. This is why sites like IndieHackers/Starterstory/etc. are so popular. So stay tuned šŸ™‚
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