Any collaborative mapping initiative has its own a...
# share-what-you-are-working-on
Any collaborative mapping initiative has its own asynchronous moments. Sometimes you can’t gather all the contributors, stakeholders, and other people involved in the journey mapping initiative in one place for the sake of a fruitful brainstorming. Sometimes you have to get feedback from colleagues from different time zones, discuss it with others, and update a journey map. Sometimes it’s something else. That's why our next event in the series is dedicated to asynchronous collaborative journey mapping and all the tricky moments that come with it. Join us to find out: 🟡 The asynchronous journey mapping collaboration scenarios; 🟡 Possible challenges and ways to overcome those; 🟡 Facilitation tips to keep your team on track; 🟡 Which UXPressia features will smooth asynchronous collaboration for you. Sign up now 👉