Hi all, for Android app, before this, we invest in...
# ask-a-growth-question
Hi all, for Android app, before this, we invest in ASO, A/B testing for Brazil country. This week, we start invest seriously, in paid ads user acquisition. We get around 500 downloads (from Google Install Ads CPI) per day. We expect if we continue to invest long enough, we should see our app download rank chart up (App Annie). In turn, that will draw more organic traffic. However, after week of investment, we do not see any changes on the ranking chart. May I know, am I having wrong expectation? Or, I simply do not invest heavy enough and 500 downloads per day wouldn't move a needle?
Expecting results after just a week is a bit unrealistic imo. The top players there prob took months to get there
Also, @Yan Cheng Cheok, I think 500 downloads a day is not much to significantly move the needle. Another point to note is that Google does not just consider the downloads as the metric, it also considers other factors like: 1. Uninstall rate 2. Stability 3. Usage patterns 4. Reviews