For the paid media peps. I have an upcoming report...
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For the paid media peps. I have an upcoming report that I want to launch somewhere at the end of next month, what paid channels should I use? I know that FB works pretty well with gated content, and possibly Linkedin? Any other strategies?
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Facebook you'll get delivery efficiencies in terms of CPM. LinkedIn will be a lot more expensive but the audience is highly qualified.
twitter could be an option if you can target wisely
Who's your ICP / target audience? What is the objective - viewers / readers or lead capture? How high in the funnel is the report - highly educational or lower-funnel like a Forrester report?
@Roberto Mendoza Tnx Roberto, i'll look into twitter
@Andy Groller Early stage startup founders, the objective is lead capture. The topic is "Product launch: The 80/20 rule - The critical set of events when launching a new product" It's a research paper, I've interviewed 100 startup founders to find what they are focusing on when launching their products.