# share-what-you-are-working-on

Elif Duran

09/28/2022, 7:27 AM
Hi everyone! We have launched our first eBook, which will boost your productivity, 🚀 on Product Hunt. This eBook will help you choose the best work style for you, boost work-life balance, and learn the tips and tricks to be productive while working from home. 🙌 💯🎯 Here’s what you’ll find in this ebook: The New Work Order: a detailed review of the effects of the pandemic on business life 👀 Current State of Work-Life Balance: the current state of work-life balance, the new work patterns, and the tips and tricks to choosing the best work style for you 💯 The Future of Work: What will the future of work look like? 🔮The Big Quit, UK 4-Day Work Week Experiment) You can support our launch here: