Hey guys! I’m currently working on a project wher...
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Hey guys! I’m currently working on a project where most of my competitors have very low domain authority, very little backlinks…basically their SEO isn’t good at all Would it be possible to hop on a call with someone on here who’s an expert in growth for startups? Any advice to get a little bump would be appreciated
Hey Benji can you tell us more about your project?
For sure! I'm working on a sales/inventory forecasting tool for ecommerce companies Here's the website; insupply.co (currently working on the new version)
Hey @Benji Valcourt Good job with the tool! I can guide a little here and there on SEO . But before that are you sure people actually search for such tools ? Like many definitely don't know anything like this exists. So apart from content marketing, brand searches and technical SEO, what all you planning to do (maybe that's the reason your competitors donot have good SEO- maybe they never felt the need to work on it )
Hey @Blogging Surgeon! Thanks 🙂 I’ve checked on Semrush and other platforms and there was some traffic in regards to forecasting and inventory planning, but no one dominated the sector I’ll hop on your DMs and we can talk more!
Happy to help 🙂