The biggest Content Marketing mistake that almost ...
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The biggest Content Marketing mistake that almost all early and mid-stage Startups make - Chasing high-volume keywords that are supersaturated & hard to rank for; instead of focusing on SEO strategies that will move the needle business-wise. Hence most startups barely get any signups from their content. For instance, if a company is a marketing CRM tool with email marketing as its core, the marketing team would likely target top-of-the-funnel keywords like - a) Email marketing (93 keyword difficulty,13k searches a month in US) b) What is email marketing (81,1k) c) email marketing examples (58,1k) d) Marketing CRM (56, 500) e) What is CRM marketing (74, 600) And so on The problem is that these are very competitive keywords, and you can never defeat the likes of Zoho, Mailchimp, Hubspot, etc in this niche. “What is email marketing” has a keyword difficulty of 81 (on a scale of 1 to 100). Ahrefs estimates that it is super hard to rank for, & you’ll need at least 374 websites linking to you to stand a chance of ranking on the first page of Google for it. So going after this keyword & outranking the top websites on the SERPs will be a tall order. If it ever happens, it’ll most likely take months and years of investing time and huge resources. Not only that, further put yourself in the shoes of the person searching Google for “What is email marketing?” Do you think someone searching for that keyword is looking to buy email marketing software for their company? Most likely not. Instead, they’re trying to educate themselves about email marketing. The person could be a college student who just heard the term email marketing & decided to Google what it means. Here is what the top-ranking article on the SERPs cover for this keyword. 1) What is email marketing? 2) Why email marketing is important 3) Benefits of email marketing 4) How to do email marketing 5) Email marketing strategies As you can see, the article is for informational purposes only. Now, why are big companies targeting these keywords? Mature companies have the resources to go after competitive keywords, even if it’s not generating any revenue for them right now. They spend millions of dollars on branding, such as sponsoring events, buying paid booths in conferences, etc, & this is much cheaper than these methods. So how is it possible to compete against well-funded companies & out-competing them in content? What SEO strategy should you leverage as an early-stage SaaS startup? Early-stage SaaS startups should focus on SEO strategies that help them acquire more users and increase revenue. Go after keywords which have low keyword difficulty (so its easier to rank) & have purchase intent (meaning the person searching the keyword is looking to buy product in this space) For instance, you should be targeting these keywords as an email marketing company - a) Moosend cost of email marketing (13,300) b) Sendinblue alternative (2, 60) c) CRM for marketing agencies (10,90) d) CRM integrated email marketing (16,40) These have all low KD ( less than 20), & despiting having lower volume, the intent is high. A good blog can easily see 3%+ conversions (from reading to signing up on the app) Does that mean you shouldn’t target high-volume keywords? Of course, you can, but that shouldn’t be your top SEO priority when starting.
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