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Fahad Sheikh

10/06/2022, 4:12 PM
Hi guys – looking for some help on the SEO end. We recently got a major hit on organic traffic when we migrated our website. I have read a lot of blogs and consulted with a lot of people but have not been able to pinpoint exactly why we got the dip. Any expert here who can help me out in understanding this? Any help appreciated, thanks!


10/06/2022, 5:18 PM
Did you migrate to a shared hosting? Could it be the IP address of the host is in spam list? There are lots of reasons why this might happen, site speed, site performance … etc

Stefan Despotovski

10/06/2022, 5:32 PM
@Peter Yeargin is an SEO expert he can give you the best advice

Fahad Sheikh

10/07/2022, 5:02 AM
Hi @Oras – We are hosted on AWS, and we migrated to a different server on the same. Site Speed could not have been an issue because that is the reason we switched. Our WordPress website was developed quite poorly before this and had really bad speed metrics. We built a new one with state-of-the-art techs employed and managed to score 95+ on both mobile and web with all the right boxes checking out. We then migrated this newly built website to the server on AWS and point the domain over there. I’ll give you some pointers about this whole migration so you may be able to point me in the right direction: 1. The website was down for 2 hours during the migration because of mismanagement. 2. We did not use a migration plugin, we used WordPress’s own plugin for migration for the blogs and the landing pages were manually created. A possible explanation can be the modified dates being changed etc, without any change in the blog’s content, since the new website had a 100% similar blog layout. The landing pages however had a slightly new look. 3. For some time, the website was accessible directly via its IP address. We found out months later. But this was the case before as well with the older website. It is not fixed. 4. In the first few weeks, the staging site and the one with the direct IP (production) were crawled by Google and could have been possibly taken as duplicate content. The staging one was removed after a few days, the IP ones were locked after 5 months. Let me know what more information I can get for you to analyze this and I truly truly appreciate the help. Thanks!
Hi @Stefan Despotovski, thanks for pointing out. Hope @Peter Yeargin can take a look.

Peter Yeargin

10/11/2022, 12:18 AM
Hi @Fahad Sheikh, what is the website URL? I’ll take a look. It could be any number of things but it’s highly unlikely it was website performance if it was such a big hit. More likely 301 redirects missing, URL structure changes, etc.

Fahad Sheikh

10/11/2022, 5:11 AM
Hi @Peter Yeargin, it is

Chandra Prakash Tiwari

10/12/2022, 3:31 AM
Hey @Fahad Sheikh have you solved this SEO problem? if not please let me know.

Fahad Sheikh

10/13/2022, 5:27 PM
Hi @Chandra Prakash Tiwari, I have not. Yet to hear back from anyone on this. Can you help?