Hi everyone, I'm looking to start my own SaaS star...
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Hi everyone, I'm looking to start my own SaaS startup, and I have a question for people here who have their own SaaS business or are working for a SaaS company. Is bootstrapping the way to go for SaaS? Is there anyone here who struggled with bootstrapping before turning to VC funding?
Hey @Elena Marston in my opinion is best to start bootstrapping and when you start to get users who are actively using your product you might want to look VC funding to scale your growth. But it all depends on your product I know a lot of SaaS business who didn't need VC funding to scale their business.
In my opinion, always bootstrap until you reach your product-market fit. Before that, everything and anything can change. The product might end up being something entirely different than what you started with.
Bootstrap is the best way
I never did it before, but my current plan is to try to bootstrap it until ~3k MRR and then maybe look into VC. Kinda like what Reilly did and shared here:


I'm in the Bootstrapping camp also. It keeps the pressure off while you refine the product and messaging with a smaller user base.
Bootstrapping & Angel Investment before VC. Angel Investment - you will get some peace of mind on funds, will get a mentor who will put bet on your idea, will add as benefits points to attract the right talent. bootstrapping is good if you have enough resources to progress for initial sizeable traction.
Thank you for the suggestions pros. I will go with bootstrapping until I reach product market fit. That seems most logical to me.