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10/07/2022, 1:31 PM
Hi all, for cold emailing do you guys use single user with multiple domains? or separate user for each domain? eg: Approach 1: Lets assume userA, userB, user C & domainA, domainB, domainC | | | | similarly for domainC in this approach we will use 3 google workspace account for 3 domains and each acccount will have 3 users i.e user A,B,C So cost of google workspace is based on number of users so in this case cost will be 9 users * $6 per user = $54 Approach 2: In this approach we only buy 1 google workspace account and add only 1 user to it. Now in gsuite I have seen we can connect one primary domain and multiple secondary domains to same user. So user will have one primary domain -> secondary domains ---> | | | | ...etc same for user So cost here is $6 only which is very cheap. Which approach do you guys use? and why?