Hi! Not a growth question. My law firm is looking ...
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Hi! Not a growth question. My law firm is looking for a marketing partner to revamp our website and handle marketing side of things. Any recommendations?
Can you point to your current website?
one of the partners had his friend pieced it together a few years ago when we first started. We have grown to a point where it makes sense to have it professionally designed. We also want to explore what other marketing strategies are available. Need to catch up to modern days. Our clients are mostly early stage startups, so it really needs to optimize for tech. https://presidio.legal/
And we need to update our areas of practice; e.g. we have a Web3 practice that needs to be reflected and we don't focus on cannabis. We want to be able to update and change content easily
This firm has done work for me in the past. I enjoyed working with them and I'd be happy to introduce you to them: https://www.netstrategies.com/. Just shoot me a DM if you'd like an intro.
Yuki, check out https://lightyeardocs.com.au. Lets connect to discuss it
Hello @Yuki. Recommend Kirti as a marketing partner especially on content marketing and SEO. He has worked for some of our brands and given us hyper growth.