Hello Everyone. :wave: I am happy to announce som...
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Hello Everyone. šŸ‘‹ I am happy to announce some exciting news that is highly relevant to all of you here!! We have just launched CreatorsTribe (Still in stealth mode) which is a Talent as a Service platform. šŸŽŠ Are you a digital marketing expert? Do you go after freelance gigs? Are you facing difficulties in dealing with clients? Is up-skilling yourself something you seek constantly? Our team comprises of marketing experts, coaches and entrepreneurs who have built multi million dollar businesses in the marketing and technology. Here is how we work: ā€¢ We are accepting ONLY 10 members into our early community. ā€¢ Selected members will be trained to become FULL STACK DIGITAL MARKETERS ā€¢ Once certified, we will find consulting job opportunities from across the world ā€¢ You will be positioned as a marketing consultant in the company we place you and work on solving unique marketing problems WHY WORK WITH US? šŸ’²We train and certify you, so you earn more than market rates šŸ‘€ We ensure that you work with people who appreciate your input and don't burden you with more than what you need to deliver šŸ™Œ Get recognition across a global market and sought after āŒ› The projects are goal and time bound. Once you deliver on your expectations, you have a clear out. -- Before you get a consulting gig, we will spend 2-3 weeks in training you on the approaches and concepts in digital marketing. You will be equipped with SOP's that makes it easier to navigate difficult business scenarios, trained in learning how to create media campaigns, creatives and value propositions and most importantly, we will focus on building your soft skills that allows you to communicate your ideas with clarity to business leaders. By the time you are done with your training, you will be equipped to be a consultant and Full Stack Marketer. We are seeing a large number of entries coming in the last 2 days. We will only be selecting 10 people from the list. So if you are interested to be a part of this community, drop me a message on my DM and I will keep you posted on the next steps! Cheers and have a lovely day, folks! šŸ˜„