# introduce-yourself

Jeremy Ward

10/14/2022, 9:07 PM
Hi all - this is such a great resource! I'm Jeremy, 20 year operations and technology leader in the CX / unified communications / telecommunications space. I'm the cofounder of a consulting group which works with fortune 500 companies to (re)design their operational and technical unified communications and contact center strategy. I have a solo effort that has taken president as of late because some large opportunities with some telecommunications providers, partnerships, etc. and I acquired 50% of a SaaS that is very popular in our industry right now, but a few competitors well ahead. Good problems to have and the sales are coming, but have branded assets for expos, the website is shit, my partner in the SaaS is not taking any initiative, and doing it in a short period of time. I arrive to you humbly seeking to learn from the masters. 😆 🙏 If anyone needs any assistance around unified communications, contact centers, business / enterprise technology procurement, etc. Let me know how we can help. If anyone is looking for a project like the aforementioned to help with marketing, branding, website, strategy, more - I need it! New SaaS - Trifecta Teams Solo business - NRM Communications CX Consulting - Scoreboard Group Consulting