Hi everyone :wave: I’m Daniel, the COO & cofo...
# introduce-yourself
Hi everyone 👋 I’m Daniel, the COO & cofounder of Sleek (Y Combinator S21)*.* Sleek supercharges your credit card with an extra 2% cashback and Amazon-like checkout everywhere you shop online. Connect your card for free & experience the future of online shopping. 🏎️ Fast. Stop typing in your shipping address and payment details. Watch as Sleek automatically does it for you, then navigates through checkout. 😌 Convenient. Don’t leave bed to find your credit card. Whenever you’re ready to checkout, Sleek is there to help. 💰*Rewarding*. Earn 2% cashback when you shop online at 1500+ stores including Walmart, Best Buy and Gap. 🔐 Safe & Secure. Don’t know your CVV? Neither do we. Sleek securely encrypts your information so that it’s accessible only by you. As a first-time B2C founder, growth has been a steep learning curve. We’re trying a mix of paid and organic channels, but really prioritizing user discovery - while Sleek is a mass-market tool, finding our niche is critical. If you’d like to try Sleek, download using this link and get $5 bonus on your first transaction. Please send me any feedback you have on the product, our marketing approach, or if you’d like to chat! Really excited to be part of this group 🙂 Thanks!