Ross Gassman

10/25/2022, 12:46 PM
Hey all, my partner and I are looking at bringing on another equity partner (with a primary focus on product marketing & sales) for a web-based app we developed called Post’n. We both come from the marketing agency and entertainment world and found a need for this type of product to communicate social post content and copy effectively between clients. What is Post’n Post’n is a collaboration platform that makes it easy for you, your team, and outside organizations to easily manage content publishing without the distractions of multiple collaboration apps. We make it simple for everyone inside and outside of your organization to display, locate, download, communicate, and post pre-packaged content. Example Post’n Kit: Key Highlights • A central location for companies and outside organizations to easily manage social content publishing • Remove the need for sending multiple emails, invites, Google Docs, and Dropbox links • Perfect platform for marketing agencies, management companies, PR agencies, and more • Product custom built with developer and 100% proprietary • Only 1 real competitor in space • Does not require full-time hours • Looking for additional business to a partner that wants to grow the product and be actively involved and help with sales and marketing If you’re interested please shoot me a DM and I’d love to explore the opportunity with you!