Hi all! I'm reaching out from Stack Reviews! A si...
# share-what-you-are-working-on
Hi all! I'm reaching out from Stack Reviews! A simple yet useful tool to find alternative technologies & analyze your technology stack to reduce overall costs! I'm here to share the news with you guys that we've created a new dashboard! We can't wait to hear from you! https://stackreviews.io/ Have a nice weekend!
[ spelling error at top:
tech stack decisions
, btw ]
I can't believe I made a typo, on the landing page 🤭. I'm fixing it now. Thanks for reminding me
Hi @Donovan! It's fixed now, thanks for pointing that out! I really appreciate that!
Right on! No problem @Ayoub... I like the MVP. Reminds me of https://alternative.to but more granular and focused. I use
a lot
I'll take a look on it, and send you a follow-up message if you wish. I want to deliver a much better experience than you get at alternative\.to! Thanks a lot for your feedback! Truly appreciate it!