Hi Slackers, The long-awaited site editor is here...
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Hi Slackers, The long-awaited site editor is here with WordPress’s latest major release WordPress 6.0 “Arturo”, named after the grammy award-winning jazz musician. Here’s why you should upgrade if your site is running the old version. https://www.cookielawinfo.com/wordpress-6-0-arturo/ #wordpress
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Hi Litto. I bought a theme on Wordpress. Wonder if I upgrade this will affect the settings on the theme.
Hi @Trey Chong Highly unlikely. If the theme is compatible with the new version, you will get some additional features that come with 6.0. I think it depends on the theme you're using and it would be wise to follow WP's upgrade instructions. In this kind of situation, what we can do is : • check the theme's support page for compatibility related queries • test everything on the staging site • take a backup of the site before updating the WP • make sure the theme is updated to the latest version NB: I think there is no need to worry if it is a paid theme, they will get support from the theme's developer Thanks