Josh Michaels

11/01/2022, 4:18 PM
Does anyone have experience with click fraud software. I am beginning to scale up my google ads and it was suggested to me to use clickcease. I see there are a few good competitors out there. Lunio (ppc protect) clickguard, etc. Any have suggestions. Current monthly clicks are around 10k and spend is 20k. I do plan on scaling this much higher.


11/01/2022, 6:12 PM
TBH. For strictly PPC ads... I'd balance how much fraud you're actually seeing with the cost of onboarding a new tech service. Google does a decent job of blocking fraudulent clicks on search ads already - and you can spend the saved money testing out more keywords and markets. For non-PPC ads (display/social), though, I'd 100% recommend using one. I've had good experience with DoubleVerify. Sure there are other great ones.
**All appropriate caveats... bots can def be higher in certain markets and on more fraud-prone tools like Yandex, etc.