# introduce-yourself

Menya Ibrahim

11/02/2022, 8:25 AM
Hi #introduce-yourself I am Menya Ibrahim, three years experienced Business Development Representative in the SaaS and Advertising industries. I am currently pursuing a virtual assistance course and in order for me to graduate, I am required to get on job training (something like an internship) I will be available to complete short administrative tasks that can be done remotely between 7- 11 November. In case you or a know a friend who needs a virtual assistant, fill out this form to let me know of the tasks you have and I will get in touch with you just so we can set things up before the start date. I am required to do this between 7-11 November. We can however discuss on long-term terms and conditions of working together. just fill out the form below and let me know of the tasks you want me to complete for you.