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Dennis Stephens

11/05/2022, 6:31 PM
Hello everyone.😊 It is a pleasure to meet each other like this and share our experiences and skills. I'm Dennis from Canada. The purpose of writing this article is because I need your little help as a web developer for 6 years. My contract expired in October, and now I am looking for a new job after retiring from the company. You can put your mind to my skills. This is my website: You can check my projects with my name in team section and Linkedin recommendations and certifications here. I sincerely need your help. Whether you are the CEO, developer, or company employee, I would be very grateful if you could hire me or recommend me. Also, don't hesitate to DM if you want to create amazing website ideas, advertisements, e-shops, or portfolios. Please consider your friend and help me selflessly.


11/05/2022, 6:51 PM
Have you tried joining the
servers of the different stacks you mention in your profile? This might seem a bit harsh but I want to help for real -- you need to change your style completely: I do not think your approach is going to work right now, of appealing to selflessness. It is not about that. There is sort of a "guilt trip" there, which creates a toxic future relationship, and makes your employer or client into your savior. There are tens of thousands of programmers with your experience and a lot more. Your profile online is great though, you wipe the floor with >80% of the freelancers on
... so tell no one you lost your position, have no contracts, etc... and just be more awesome than everyone else. Compete. Rise above. Unleash yourself. Every good CEO who hears your story right now will never bring you into an awesome team just to help you. We need our teams to overcome problems of any level, always overcome the challenge at hand, and out perform their prior best. Your "messaging" is off... Just accept that you are better than X% of most programmers and go take the work from the competition. With respect, change your narrative. New narrative example:
This is how I am awesome, specifically. Imagine me on your team. I am available right now but not for long.
Maybe more modest but you get the idea. I use most/all of the stack elements you mentioned. I loved your profile on
, but asking for help is a huge turn off when you are a developer. YOU bring help. YOU be selfless. Get serious and raise to a new level of your talents. Go get it! I wish you the absolute best!
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Yuri Drabik

11/06/2022, 5:55 AM
@Donovan just gave one of the best advices (to many developers out there) I’ve seen. Read carefully, it’s really important. I’m dev myself and I had to go through that path and learn it myself. Donovan gives you a nice shortcut! 🙂 Wish you all the best and I completely agree here, change the way you approach people. Awesome people want to be surrounded by other awesome people. So it’s important to be awesome, first of all in your own eyes. That may change the whole life experience, not only the job-related one.
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You can also apply here, I’ve joined them recently. Looks like a nice dev network. Maybe you find a contract there, process is quick and straightforward. If you feel confident in JS shouldn’t take much effort to get in.
And, as a last little piece, I’d recommend to get a custom domain name instead of the It will look a bit nicer.
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