Diptesh Das

11/07/2022, 3:04 PM
Hey everyone! I'm associated with a new product launch, that's scheduled in next 2 weeks. (A guy who trusted me with his product's organic growth strategy) I've joined the team late, and now we're almost at the verge of launch. Our product is in Finance CRM niche, trying to disrupt the common perspective of looking at a CRM We're conducting a final, market survey to understand 'product-market fit' and verify SWOT data once again. The survey consists of 11 general questions designed to understand user perspective. It would be really helpful if the community can support us with the data we need. 30 users have already submitted their answers but we're aiming to get atleast 50. We are not collecting emails necessarily. There's only one question that asks your consent whether you want to get notified about the launch, or not. That's optional and you can choose to ignore like most of the others did.