11/09/2022, 11:41 AM
Hello @here 👋, My name is Suhrad, and I am the Founder of Stabel. Stabel is a threat-alert automation technology layered over a bug-bounty platform. We are a security technology platform so you can build stable dApps using our on-chain vulnerability coordination and threat prevention technology. We utilize the SAD (Stabel Alert Distribution) protocol to deliver any new bug alert submitted by the bug-hunter/developers instantly to your dev team. Stabel provides the best next-generation Underlying magic features like - 1. The best rapid triage service 2. The best crowdsourced red team 3. One-click integrations with Slack, Discord, Zoho, and many others 4. In-house smart contract auditing service and also helping to meet the compliance requirements 5. Automated bounty payments for hunters And many more other features.. Stabel Website - Would love to connect with you guys, here's my twitter profile -