Lizaveta Navitskaya

11/09/2022, 1:02 PM
Researchers and designers often keep in mind accessibility and inclusion. And to design such products or services, one needs to collect accurate data with as few stereotypes as possible. Roxana-Maria Barbu, PhD, Lead User Experience Researcher and Behavior Change Consultant, and MacKenzie Bulkowski-Rose, User Experience Designer and Accessibility Consultant, will tell you how to do this effectively and correctly at our online event on November 16. Join us to find out: :large_yellow_circle: The accessibility breadth, which can be vast as space; :large_yellow_circle: Tips on running a successful research recruitment using personas; :large_yellow_circle: How to create personas with nuanced inclusivity; :large_yellow_circle: Accessibility’s benefits for business; :large_yellow_circle: How to make a business case for accessibility and inclusion. Registration is open!