11/10/2022, 2:30 AM
I have seen like >100 brands so far, and my top 5 right now, just by "what sticks to my consciousness" alone are: • @Harris Nghiem's Gorynski's Canfield's Fishkin's's Runner up: @Ayoub's Several of those are very rough or early concepts but they seem to matter ( subjective? likely ) versus being based on passing trends or buzzwords. A lot of hard work, and some even a lot of real humanity like a few "save points" in this mess of brands we call the internet. I admire all the hustle around here trying to pierce through to impact. Being so fortunate to be exposed to so many ideas and people all the time here, I would "distill" some favorites that stuck, versus add one more yet. Few ideas land, connect, get remembered, and stand out amid the salesmanship and perfect profile photos online. I suppose I am in the market for 4 more to have a "top ten" 🙂 Sure I missed a few good ones, but alas, limited recall and subjective preferences. Very happy to be drinking from this fire-hydrant //
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