Harsh Gupta

11/17/2022, 6:33 PM
Last 5 years, I have seen most of the b2b companies implementing bad SEO strategies. Hence no results, even after hiring huge teams and/or agencies. Many factors affect SEO performance and if you are not getting results, here are the top 10 reasons, why you are failing and what you can do. (continued in threads)
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1) Irregular posts: From a content marketing point of view, everything should be consistent, whether it's your posts or backlinks. Another widespread mistake is posting too few, say, one or two articles a month. Plus, when there are no systematic updates on site, search engines scan it less often. 2) Website loading speed is slow According to Google’s recommendations, a website page should load no more than 2 seconds. Anything slower won’t allow the search robot to index it quickly, and thus, users are likely to leave. 3) Not adopted for cellphones: All my websites get half the traffic from cellphones. You are wasting that traffic if your site isn't optimized for cell. 3) No user-friendly menu or table of contents: No doubt, a clear site structure speeds up the indexing of pages by search robots. It also makes navigation much easier for the user. When articles on different topics are collected in one big pile, one simply can’t find what they need. Create a menu or table of content and make it move as the user scrolls A great example is table of contents of Ahrefs blog 4) Useful social functions aren’t available: Readers should be able to - a. Share blog articles on social networks b. Subscribe to the newsletter to be notified of new content c. Leave comments and ask the authors questions. d. All this will create better on-page user engagement and more time spent on the page. 5) Hard-to-perceive content: Our attention span is very short today. We are used to addictive videos and beautiful pictures, and fewer people actually read the texts. Not to mention articles without an intriguing beginning. Ensure your content has subheadings, the text is divided into paragraphs, and all pieces contain lists and infographics. Format text with the appropriate HTML tags 6) No Orignal Information: If your blog articles are not much different from other materials, the site will lose significance to the search robot. It is also essential that the piece contains additional value – it can be a table, video, audio, or infographics. Make your blog more expert by adding useful tips and creative solutions. Such unique content will appeal to the search engine and will surely attract visitors to your site. For example, if you’re targeting the keywords “train tickets in the UK“, your content should provide readers with unique information on how to find, buy and choose train tickets. The more you can address the reader’s intent, the better your content will perform. 7) Old articles not generating traffic: Every blog has content that doesn’t generate traffic well. The reasons may vary, and the most basic ones are described above. So, update those articles posted earlier if you wish not to lose your positions now. Redirect these blogs to other performing blogs if you don’t want to update. 8) External links not working: Search engines always keep track of the sites your platform links to. In fact, they all create a large web of interconnected sources. And if a search engine identifies a dead link, this is a bad sign in terms of usability. Here, you should worry not only about the Google algorithm but also unpleasant user experience. Visitors will surely be disappointed when opening a useless 404 page. 9) There’s more than one H1 tag per page Title tags are different because they help search engines segment the data. The H1 tag actually sees the main purpose of the page, and other heading tags should support it. You can use multiple H2, H3, H4 tags, etc., in all your content. But don’t try too hard by filling the article with a million keywords. Write for people, not search engines only. 10) The page doesn't have a meta description Meta descriptions are quite effective in SEO. It’s a kind of advertisement for your content: the more interesting your description is, the more clicks you will get. When doing SEO for your site, don’t expect your platform to have skyrocketing traffic just because you fixed one of the bugs listed above. SEO optimization has always been a competitive field. It can really make you stronger than your competitors, helping you to stand out from the crowd, but it takes a lot of time and patience.


11/17/2022, 10:21 PM
@Harsh Gupta strikes again with advice one can take straight to the bank

Harsh Gupta

11/18/2022, 12:14 AM
thanks @Donovan