Warm Greetings to my fellow B2B Experts! :loud_sou...
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Warm Greetings to my fellow B2B Experts! πŸ”Š I work at Content Beta, a video-design-audio studio and we create yearly reports and surveys on content marketing and customer success trends that are blowing up 🀯 We analyze the data from thought leaders and experts in the industry and produce these resources to help people new to B2B world! πŸ“ˆ We are doing *β€˜The State of B2B Video Report 2023*’ and we would love to feature you and your company on it. You just need to push down your choice of answer on 15 quick multi-optional questions! πŸ“Š We will produce this asset, add it to our website and also promote it multiple times on all channels- over 30 Slack communities, our bi-monthly newsletter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, emails, etc. πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Check out our latest survey on product demo videos with top 100 B2B brands here- https://www.contentbeta.com/product-demo-analysis-of-top-100-saas-companies/ DM me know if this interests you and grab the form today! βœ‰οΈ