Has anyone here created a successful marketing pla...
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Has anyone here created a successful marketing plan for a consulting firm trying to create a SaaS to productize their service? What has worked and what hasnt? Even if it didnt work out? what were the learnings from your experience? Would love to get on a call and learn more if available!
Only available by Slack and email right now but I have been focused on this in the background of everything since 2008, rebooted the plan twice, and am coming in on the finalized model 23Q1. Differs by industry/space, but overall there is an approach which I see basically always works here. My company has a continual emphasis on this for clients and its own verticals.
@Donovan What have you seen that works and doesnt work in your experience?
In my experience, the
approach does not always work but a
approach does ( a.k.a.
) -- so the consulting firm would continue that, create a pipeline of a certain ilk of client and ramp up pain only solvable by
, then cure the pain in a product. That product is presented as not being yours, and is prepared as separate company.
I worked with a SAAS that used tech to improve an otherwise very hands-on professional services experience. Creating the marketing plan wasn't too different than any other product or service, it's the messaging that's critical in showing the value you provide through the SAAS product vs. the old school alternative.