Samuel Su

11/25/2022, 12:25 AM
Hi #introduce-yourself Lots of people might have prepared for interviews silently, but haven't done mock interview practices with real people. In real interviews, communication and verification skills are essential in getting you an offer. However, you don't get feedback in real interviews, and hiring a mock interviewer is expensive. I build the PairCoding ( ) platform, which is made to match peers with similar mock interview practice needs to practice interviews together. For example, peers can target the same company for the same type of interviews. After the interview, each person can rate the other peer from the interviewer's perspective, which helps improve the interview skills. We will provide questions (real interview questions categorized by company), hint and example solution, video chat experience, code compilation & execution, feedback submission in the interview experience. With our template, even a new graduate could act as an experienced interviewer in our platform. Looking forward to the support from you to build this peer-to-peer support communities during the hard time of the tech industry.