Zevi Reinitz

07/06/2022, 8:04 AM
Hi everyone. Thank you for all the great insights so far (I've been here for a couple of months now). I'm at a dev tools platform startup ( and I'm working on a short-term sign up blitz to try and get 50-100 new signups within the next 4 weeks. My target persona for adopting the product is a hands-on developer (not a manager who is a step removed from the code). My two questions are: 1. Are there any 'communities' or platforms that are particularly receptive/responsive to trying new products? 2. Are there any marketing tactics that you've found particularly effective to encouraging developers to try your product? (gift cards? free swag? anything else?) 3. I have a number of things that I'm already working on, but I am trying to think out of the box here, and so I'm reaching out to the community for your genius input.. šŸ™‚ . Thanks!

Stefan Despotovski

07/06/2022, 10:14 AM
Hey @Zevi Reinitz In your case, here are some ideas: ā€¢ Reaching out to dev influencers or dev advocates to promote your platform is a good way to get users to try out products, ā€¢ Gift cards is a good way to get developers on a call to give you feedback on your platform. ā€¢ Also maybe contact community leaders and see if they like your product and if they do, ask them or even pay them to share it to their community
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Artem Smirnov

07/06/2022, 7:01 PM
I think we devs love to try new things and don't need any perks to get interested (unless you start giving away gaming consoles). What we need is a compelling reason to try it. Unless it solves a great pain, I won't spend much effort installing it or setting it up or figuring out how to use it in my daily job.
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Getting feedback is another story. Most of devs prefer async communication, so getting them on a call might be harder than making them use your product. If it's not exciting or missing something obvious (for devs), we probably won't even bother answering.

Erez Wolf

07/06/2022, 7:23 PM
Hi Zevi, We're also building a developer platform ( and are also with the same bottom-up approach. I'll be happy to talk, I think we probably have several things to share and discuss. We're doing a Hackathon (it's starting tomorrow) inviting developers to sign as users and develop with our platform. In 10 days we manage to get 170 developers who signed for the hackathon.
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Zevi Reinitz

07/06/2022, 7:35 PM
Sure. Id be happy to chat