So a little bit of background on my situation. I a...
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So a little bit of background on my situation. I am currently on summer break, I'm a college student who's going for architecture,and I am really trying to get to a design firm, I'm going for more sustainable and green energy architecture (we're going to need it soon). However, because I'm going to school and I don't have my license, I literally legally can't call myself an architect nor open a design firm. but I want to still have a business and I do still need an outlet to be creative. So last winter I put two and two together and I decided I'm going to make a streetwear company( kind of like how supreme started or thrasher), now I finally got the foundation all that set for it but I don't have any feedings/clothes out yet. I'm working on making those things now, but I had an epiphany recently that I am not going to have any form of success unless I have people that are willing to purchase the things I make and how do people buy things they have to make a choice on whether to buy it and what do you have to do before you make a choice before you even know it exists? You have to see it, and ads are a good way to see it. My dilemma however comes in at where and how do I get ads? I'm super new to this (As you can maybe guess by the fact I haven't been on slack in like almost 2 years) and any and all advice would be appreciated -Roman
You're asking some decent questions. You can do google ads, facebook ads, tiktok ads, etc.. you name a platform and they will have system for you to advertise as all these sites make money through mainly one channel - advertisements. And because of that they want to be able to make it easy for you to not only get on that platform, but to target the demographic you want as well (this is why facebook was so successful, you gave them exactly who you are/your interests, so advertisers were willing to dish out more money to them). I would recommend hopping into one of the platforms and looking around. Then watching a youtube or udemy video on how to optimize your ad campaign. WARNING: These systems make it very easy to part you from your money, so if you are going to spend money, start small and set daily limits. If you don't do it right, you can easily see 10k+ go away in hours.
To add: I would recommend starting with grassroots advertising aka no money required advertising. Its not a bad idea to get some initial feedback on your product and vet to see if its worth pursuing without sinking a bunch of money in. Think to yourself, who are the people that would buy my product and where do they hang out virtually and physically? Some ideas: • Do they hang out at certain areas at schools? In a study area? At a rock climbing gym? Perhaps you could give some shirts away for free - then if they wear them, they become a free walking advertisement for your brand. • Online groups/forums/communities - I have known people who have built entire successful companies off of free advertising in facebook groups. Get yourself in a group, post pictures of you doing something with your shirt and perhaps slide in, "by the way, if you like what I'm wearing I got it at X place (and yes I produce these shirts)" Hopefully that gets you started!
Sounds good, thanks!