# ask-a-growth-question

Erica Chiang

06/13/2022, 11:01 PM
hi there! has anyone used product hunt to launch and market their product? if so, pls dm me!!

Noaman Khalil

06/14/2022, 6:05 AM
I have not done that. But a friend of mine did and gained roughly 100 downloads and a few paying users. I'd recommend cold-emailing tech platforms like tech crunch and introducing yourself.

Herbert Siu

06/14/2022, 6:56 AM
Sorry to interrupt. Is "introducing yourself" a tech platform? Do you have any link to share? Many thanks.
We are planning to do a product hunt launch too in coming days. For now you could try posting on Betalist / Betapage there might be some surprised downloads

Romano Pravdic

06/14/2022, 7:28 AM
I'd say that don't launch without a very good plan. I'm preparing us for PH launch, too, which will be in a week or two and am using this checklist: Totally worth the money! *I am not affiliated, not get any commission for my recommendation

Paul Richards

06/14/2022, 4:36 PM
I launched on product hunt earlier this year. Got about 493 website visits 157 signups. You definitely need a bit of a community to give you a boost in the early hours of the day.
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