Hi! Alternatives ( cost wise ) to Mailchimp regard...
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Hi! Alternatives ( cost wise ) to Mailchimp regarding the email automation tools? Right now it’s 60€ and it feels a little too much for me. If alternatives are not that good then I’ll use it but I’m a tech guy so I just know this tool. Any suggestions?
I use https://emailoctopus.com/ in my opinion it is better then Mailchimp and it has flexible pricing depending on how many subscribers you have.
Thanks. I’ll check that later. I didn’t know that one.
I have no experience with it but it's on my list to test it
I use a tool called SendInBlue!
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I used SendInBlue too and it works nice 🙂
you can get 25% lifetime discount on ConstantContact in our marketplace: https://nachonacho.com/product/Constant-Contact
there are a whole bunch of tools here.. each comes with a hefty discount: https://nachonacho.com/products?search=email
I’ll have to check those too then. Thanks