Best SEO friendly blogging platform for developers...
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Best SEO friendly blogging platform for developers/technical people?
WordPress is unbeatable. Especially if you have the right plugins.
@Ayush Kumar Singh is this with a hosting provider?
or would i have to host everything myself
and what kind of plugins are you talking about that would be giving me an edge w/ wordpress?
The best hosting services are the cloud hosting ones. But if you have a small website go with the hostinger shared hosting best and easiest.
For seo - rank math or yoast For speed - litespeed cache (Please check after enabling if it Works properly with your site) That's it now just work on your content
@Ayush Kumar Singh what about wpengine
@Ayush Kumar Singh what i want is something that i can ssh into and edit the code so i can add custom integrations ... etc.
Just more price. If you are going for that then choose kinsta. It's basically for people who want to spend more for best but gives the same result. Just buy the cheapest hosting on hostinger connect cloudfare and then see you will get same speed and security for like 1/10 th or 1/100th the price
yeah sure but i want to add custom integrations
Then just buy a vps server put wordpress on it
Same speed less price
Why spend more on wp engine
Hetzner vps will be a great choice many big sites use it with 100s of millions of users.
I use docusaurus since that was quick to setup, does SSR, and it’s fairly configurable/stable. I didn’t consider WP tho, so I need to look into it.
Have you taken a look at Hashnode ?
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They support custom domains and editing in Markdown. Markdown posts can be backed up to your GitHub, but no ssh access.