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Weekly Growth question poll <!channel> One of the key goals of our community is to provide growth strategies and tips to startup founders here based on what stage their startup is in. As you are surely aware, some growth approaches and strategies are only effective at certain stages. Some startup tactics that work in the launch stage will not work in the growth stage. So my question to all of the startup founders here is: What stage is your startup in? 1️⃣*Idea* (The first startup stage is evaluating your idea and finding the problem/solution fit.) 2️⃣*Launch* (This is where you turn your idea into reality and launch it to the market.) 3️⃣*Growth* (When you reach the Growth Stage, it’s all about scaling your business. At this point, you’ve had a successful launch and are growing your user base.) 4️⃣*Maturity* (This is when you should be looking for new opportunities to expand.) Bonus question!!! Can you share 4 separate marketing strategies for the 4 stages of startup development? (Answer in thread)
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We are pretty much all of the 4 together now 😅 Our idea or vision is quite wide so we decided to work on it 1 piece at a time... We launched our first (1 of 5) service 3 months ago, and it also was a piece of it, like a lite version with many more upgrades and features to follow... Our launch was like a beta release focused on finding bugs and providing solutions, we had no marketing strategy whatsoever, and somehow we keep on having rising numbers of generic customers... We are far away as a whole from being in a mature stage, but our mini services allowed us to reach maturity in some areas in which we are looking for by-product opportunities available to expand in and possibly enhance our working model. So in a way, I feel we are going through all 4 stages in parallel... it is exhausting and risky yes, but with a team of believers, we may be able to navigate it to success, hopefully.
1. I'm about to show the MVP of my landing page analytics tool to the 3 users that agreed to install the tracking code and started collecting their stats.