What tools do you recommend for social media posti...
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What tools do you recommend for social media posting? Main channels are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Reddit. Tried later but it doesn't let you tag on facebook and the reporting is very basic.
https://buffer.com/ this is all you need minus Reddit. Reddit is a different ball game.
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HubSpot is good too.
@Azzen Abidi could you elaborate on reddit.
@Mark M Reddit is anti self promotion usually but it's very good to establish yourself as a thought leader first, lead generation is a by product of genuine connections that got value from you in advance. TLDR: educate people on the problem/space rather than selling your product directly.
Thanks for the response you have provided the clarity I was looking for.🙏
Glad I could help, feel free to DM me if you want feedback on the pitch/product 💯 @Mark M
If anyone is doing Reddit marketing and wants to understand now subreddits are related, I download all 300GB+ of comments from Reddit per month and run some nerd magic on it to understand how people in one subreddit belong in another, so I can give you lookalike audiences for Reddit. Here's an example for r/iPhone
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@Patrick Ryan What other subreddits have you generated these types of images for? Interested.
Pick one 😄 I'll generate one right now