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Hello <!channel> 🥁🥁 I have special Friday news for all of you 🥁 🥁 We will finally begin hosting online live events for Growth Marketing Pros. At first, the Growth Marketing Pros online events will merely be talks about certain growth topics. Here are some examples: How to properly launch your product on Product Hunt. How to secure funding for your Startup. We will have special guests that are specialists in that field. And, of course, anyone interested in being that special guest is welcome to message me on Slack. One question for all of you here: Which topic would you like us to talk about first? (Vote with the emoji number below) 1️⃣How to launch your product/service? 2️⃣How to get to product-market fit? 3️⃣How to create a customer journey map? 4️⃣Should a startup invest in its branding? If you have any other topics you want to recommend feel free to share as a comment to this message. Happy Friday everyone and stay tuned!
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Thx @Stefan Despotovski This sounds exciting. I'm almost done a free ebook explaining the best way to launch on ProductHunt. I've helped launch over 475 products on PH the last 3 years. Would be honored to help out on a Growth Marketing Pros online event.