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John Giaccotto

05/17/2022, 10:34 PM
What's the best way to do link building? I have a SaaS and have started writing content but need to start trying to get inbound links. There's tons of conflicting information about best practices with SEO so curious what others are doing to build links and what the best practices are.

Janak -

05/18/2022, 5:49 AM
Hi @John Giaccotto I am on the same boat. I found this article really useful.

John Giaccotto

05/18/2022, 11:40 AM
Which tactics have you started doing from that article?

Jakub Rudnik

05/20/2022, 4:09 PM
Link building definitely takes a lot of work and/or resources to get off the ground, but it's pretty much essential to get your content working. But once the content is working, the links come in far more organically. Very much a flywheel. Backlinko is great, some thoughts on the tactics: 1. Becoming a source works for building links with relatively low lift, but they're almost always to home page. HARO and other sites are great for this if you're consistent. 2. Skyscraper isn't a new tactic, and everyone is doing some version of this. Really hard to stand out unless your niche is untapped for content unlikely). If you're new to the content game, just publishing a guide that's a bit better than the others won't generate links with your low authority, you'll need to manually generate. 3. I love the tactic of finding articles with "more resources" type sections and adding your guides. You really have to create excellent resources for this, and then the outreach is manual. But it's a relatively high-conversion outreach. 4. Content formats is a great long term strategy. At G2 our "review statistics" article got 500+ referring domains with no outreach. Also answering questions (how much does x cost) can be really successful -- we got a WaPo link to how much Youtubers make, just repurposing content into that format. Same as the others, these are most successful when your site is up and running 5. Ultimate guides need you to jump start with links 6. Branding your strategies is difficult unless you have authority in the space 7. Authority pages: Do this. Gives you lots of lists to do outreach with. This can both allow you an in to speak to people you've already listed and look for collaboration, as well as ask others you didn't include if they want to be included (in exchange for a link) 8. Brand mentions is finite but a nice source of starter links, especially if you've done something PR-worthy in the past. To jumpstart your link building, you'll need to do cold outreach, trade links, write guests posts. Ideally you have some contacts at other companies or sites that you can use to help generate some early traction.

John Giaccotto

05/20/2022, 10:04 PM
Thanks @Jakub Rudnik
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Ralf Lianasas

05/22/2022, 3:34 PM
Content promotion outreach, guest posts, partnership. I’ve built thousands of links using this.