Hi, I’m looking for a UK-based Content Writer for ...
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Hi, I’m looking for a UK-based Content Writer for our client in the insurance niche. Experience in this industry is required. The work needs to be conducted through Mayple. Please let me know if you are interested or submit your application on this link: https://link.mayple.com/31f5
Hi @Marija Todorovic! I'm not interested in the position, but I'm wondering if you could answer a quick question for me, as a favor? Why are you requesting that the work be conducted through Mayple? What are the benefits to your company/client / what is the reason you're choosing to make this request? I'd be VERY grateful for your response to this question as it relates to a startup I'm working on. I'd also be happy to hop on a call if that's easier for you than writing a response. Thanks so much!!
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Also curious about this! And Marija, I have a large content writing community on LinkedIn, drop me a DM if you haven't found anyone yet and I'll push this opp to my home network.