Hello everyone, my name is John and I'm the founde...
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Hello everyone, my name is John and I'm the founder & CTO of Wallet Inc. (https://wallet.inc) We're a B2B2C FinTech/MarTech SaaS platform provider, looking for some help with our content creation and social media presence. We provide businesses with a robust customer retention platform, and are not a crypto wallet provider (at least, not yet). We haven't spent any money on advertising or marketing, so the shoes to fill here are still quite small. We're hoping to find someone that can help us establish a following for our content by posting semi-frequent material to our blog, social media accounts, and through some appropriate channels (e.g. LinkedIn groups & Reddit discussions). Our platform does have a learning curve, so some familiarity with products like Bitly/TinyURL, LinkTree, Apple Pay/Google Wallet, PayPal/Venmo/Coinbase, SMS/MMS tools, and Point-of-Sale systems is a big plus. Not required, but familiarity with these things will significantly shorten the learning curve, and enable you to create compelling content much more quickly / easily. The candidate will work closely with me and our head of sales, occasionally with our graphics designer, and seldom with the rest of the dev team. The goal of the role is to provide engaging semi-technical, business-oriented content on a weekly basis. Since I see messages above requesting compensation details, I'll elaborate on these specifics. Although we are US-based (California) we do have team members from other countries. This diversity of regions and opinions has worked well for us, so my preference is to hire offshore talent. Naturally, proficiency with English is critical. Since we're still a relatively small company, and the shoes to fill here are relatively small with a fair amount of guidance and direction, I'm expecting to budget approx $1k-1.5k/month for the role. For some highly qualified onshore candidates, this might be considered an insult even for part-time work. For offshore candidates, this is a suitable sum for full-time work. It's all relative, and for our team, offshore team members have been a good fit. We have a stock option plan for our best performers, so equity is also on the table for the right candidate. This is a team of extraordinary technical talent and ability, collectively working to build the best product we can conceive, yet we all check our egos at the door. There is no room in this team for argumentative personalities or know-it-alls. I'll share our social media accounts here for candidates to review. We previously outsourced this work and thought it was fine, but it lacked the personal touch that we're looking for. So we're now hoping to insource this work with the new team member. If this sounds like it might be a fit, please shoot me a message with any work history and/or other relevant details. Many thanks! https://www.instagram.com/wallet_inc https://twitter.com/wallet_inc https://www.linkedin.com/company/wallet-inc https://the.wallet.blog/
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