can we make a rule that you have to post the salar...
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can we make a rule that you have to post the salary information if you're posting here? for a group that is full of people pushing the future/at the forefront of growth marketing, its extremely backwards that companies can still post job descriptions with bullshit like this: 1. job duties of someone with 5+ years experience but claiming its "entry level" 2. requires a four year degree despite the job not needing one-this especially pisses me off when the job actually is for someone senior with 7-10 years experience, yet somehow they think a degree is still relevant. 3. uses buzzwords like "rockstar" and "guru" 4. requests a one way video application-> this is demeaning and is literally only useful for discriminating against applicants. 5. I'm pretty sure I've even seen pyramid schemes/MLMs advertised here And of course, while the jobs might have all four of those deadly sins, they will NEVER have the salary range. If you want to hire someone who's actually worth hiring your JD needs to clearly state at a minimum: Location of employer and location of candidate (IE US Company hiring Globally) About the role Candidate Requirements Salary & Benefits Application process
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oh and there's no way i'm going to share or refer with my network if it doesn't show salary. I'm not going to refer someone for an unpaid internship lmao
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Awesome suggestions @Dan Taylor I will update the hiring channel today.
thank you @Stefan Despotovski 🚀