Hey everyone! What do you use as a source to buil...
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Hey everyone! What do you use as a source to build your cold email list? And what do you use as a tool? I'd like to know 🙂 I'm interested how you make good quality leads lists!
Hi @Petar we use Traek.io for Lead list and then use the list to convert more sales. What I like the most about this tool is that gives me a qualified lead list. On which my team work and increase closures
What's your budget? Zoominfo is the leader but others like lusha, seamless.ai, and leadIQ are ok. You pay for what you get so more spendy, more accurate and more tools for segmentation, targeting, etc
For growing your waitlist - The easiest and most effective way is to create and launch a lead magnet that is a no Brainer 1.Research - Interview your audience to know what is the biggest modality that you can provide to your audience for free which should be hella valuable and a no Brainer 2.Create the freebie and set up a basic Landing page - where they can enter they email id and receive the freebie 3.If you have audience already, You can inform about it and create awareness through video / stories or whatever medium you have the audience in . In case you don't have the audience - You can build one through content marketing ( Depends on how much time you have until launch ) Or you can do paid ads for the "freebie" then turn the email subscribers to paid ones through email marketing I would love to explain you about email marketing too Do let me know if you have any questions You can ping me up any time if you have one Hope this helps :p
Hi Peter, I work for a company who has a product v similar to Zoominfo, would you like to take a look?