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Louis Monteagudo

07/14/2022, 1:37 PM
Question for Marketing/Sales/RevOps leaders that built operations from scratch… How were you tracking your early adopters/users/beta testers as they went through your “funnel”? The reason I have funnel in quotes is because we are mainly looking for people to test/user our product, not trying to sell anything for the foreseeable future Right now we have a few fields to track this and I feel like we could improve it. It isn’t really flowing like a funnel so I am wondering if anyone has nailed this This is how we are tracking it so far User Stage: What stage the user is in on their journey to using/testing our product [Not Target, Contacted, Not Enrolled, Enrolled, Not Installed, Installed, Not Activated, Activated, Sustained, Retained] On Waitlist: Did they express interest in joining our private beta True, False Qualified: Are they able to download our Private Beta (proper email client, sales enablement approved, ect) True, False Appreciate any help on this P.S. If you are willing to conduct some user testing, let me know! We are trying to eliminate work waste, and our beta product automatically organizes attachments in your Gmail.
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Stefan Despotovski

07/14/2022, 2:05 PM
@Louis Monteagudo First thing, Knowing in what stage your early user is in your funnel is very important, but the why is always more important, so you know that 70% of your users after installing your product stop using it, the more important question is why do they stop using your product after installing it. To answer your question: The best way to set up and track a funnel is to create a use case where in detail you write (It can be a graph) the journey of your customer, For example: Your customer writes on google trying to find that specific tool, he finds your website, he clicks on more details, then goes to sign up, enters the sign up page... When you know all the details of your customer journey from potential customer to loyal customer, you then try to find ways to track all the stages (For example: the first stage Finds you on google search. You can use google analytics to track and see how many potential customers found you through google). That is how I usually help clients track their funnel, hope this helps Louis.
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Louis Monteagudo

07/14/2022, 2:33 PM
Awesome feedback, thanks Stefan!

Krystan Resch

07/15/2022, 1:24 PM
Start timestamping each time a field change occurs. Ex: identified date (aka lead created), first contacted date, last contacted date, enrollment date, etc. the funnel stages are important but understanding the time it takes to move through your funnel is the first big mistake most companies forget when creating their customer experience which is everything marketing, thru sale, thru retention .