<!channel> For those who missed yesterday live com...
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<!channel> For those who missed yesterday live community event: Growth Talk #1 How to make B2B sales more human? w/@Lidia Vijga I'm sending the full recording of the event here for you to watch, And also for those who don't have time to watch the full 50 minute recording and are interested in Lidia presentation here is quick recap of what she presented. https://my.decklinks.com/decklinks/shared/eBAp7hyq28Xx If you are interested to be part of the next Growth Talk feel free to message me and send me your topic ideas for discussion. Thank you to all of the people who showed up for the live event and asked awesome question I hope our answers helped you in your B2B sales journey.
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It has been a great event for me. Thanks for hosting this @Stefan Despotovski
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Thanks so much for inviting me @Stefan Despotovski
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@Stefan Despotovski @Lidia Vijga Thanks for a great event!
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Thank you @Mason Kuang and @seyfullah emen for the kind words. It was awesome having you as a guest @Lidia Vijga thank you as well.
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