Early-stage startup founders, small businesses own...
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Early-stage startup founders, small businesses owners or solo-preneurs, this one’s for you. We know you’ve been hard hit by the pandemic and now face a rising cost of living, services, labour with a looming global recession. The world needs to know about your innovation and business in a simple, impactful and effective way 👔 Join Wizly PR Expert Lynda Williams who will teach you how to tell your business story in 7-easy steps so the right people in the industry take notice and start talking about it. Lynda has launched multiple global brands, small businesses and tech startups in the B2B, B2C and D2C space. She is the founder of Vim & Vigour, an award-winning PR consultancy offering strategic and innovative communications services to tech, F&B and lifestyle brands across the globe 🌎 Read more about this FREE workshop on July 28th at 10am SGT and register HERE: https://lu.ma/6webfcih
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