# ask-a-growth-question

Shohit Raina

07/18/2022, 10:53 AM
Hey - 2 Problem statements I'm currently working on : 1. Increase in Number of Qualified leads - We want to increase the % by 30% from our current number 2. Which social platforms would be the best ways (cost optimized) to acquire users ? ( Facebook and Instagram are not doing that great for us plus too expensive) Context :We operate a B2B Software targeted towards restaurant owners and Food operators - Target regions : US and Europe More about us : Would love some growth hacks/advice/feedback ! Cheers

Stefan Despotovski

07/18/2022, 11:06 AM
Hey @Shohit Raina what have you tried so far on FB and Instagram and do you have active users for your product?

Kamel Ben Yacoub

07/18/2022, 1:06 PM
@Shohit Raina Agree with Stefan, FB and Instagram are the best platform to reach Restaurants Owners and hotels. Make sure to segment your campaigns and budget into different stages of funnel. Awareness stage using a short video about the problem intro and solution solve, Consideration stage with benefits and features and retargeting with promotion headline or scarcity offer. We used this strategy for a beverage intelligence SaaS platform and it worked pretty good


07/18/2022, 2:36 PM
I'd probably stick with those channels but make campaigns really targeted. In the restaurant B2B space, we have a customer who targets specific competitors’ customers as well as restaurants that aren't using their type of product today. The campaigns have very different messaging depending on the competitor (or no competitor). Steal the sales battle cards from your sales team and put them to use. 😉

Stefan Despotovski

07/18/2022, 2:38 PM
I agree with both @Michael and @Kamel Ben Yacoub
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Ian Sephton

07/18/2022, 10:25 PM
I agree with the campaigns being very targeted. We measure attribution for leads for a ton of customers. The surprising number to most biz owners is how effectively a very qualified backlink works. People are looking for ways to evaluate vendors, and having a ranking site can drive so many leads it's insane.