Hello everyone! I’m looking to hire a creative, in...
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Hello everyone! I’m looking to hire a creative, inventive growth person who’s had experience with organic growth programs (community development, content, etc.) to work with me on new ways to engage the founder community at Wing Venture Capital (Snowflake, Gong, Cohesity, Human Interest, and others). 1. General Description. They will work with me directly on building new, innovative ways to engage startup founders and startup-curious folks. This includes digital and IRL experiences. 2. Duties. This person will be responsible for managing our tech stack, building or iterating on our digital properties, inventing new ways to engage founders, reporting on the funnel, and helping grow sector- and interest-based programs (such as “biotech founders” or “developer candidates”) across the firm. 3. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities. Experience building and growing organic growth channels a must. Ability to implement no-code or manage developers to implement code solutions, dashboarding, vendor management, martech stack implementation. 4. Education and Experience Requirements. Prefer candidates who have worked at high growth, early stage startups with a bottoms up SaaS or product-led GTM. 3-5 years experience preferred, looking for someone who enjoys getting into the details. People who’ve held community or community-focused applicants highly encouraged to apply! 5. Starting Salary Range. Salary range is $175k+. Must be in the SF bay area or willing to temporarily relocate. WFH or full time remote possible after onboarding! Feel free to DM for more info!