Developing my network- I am looking to connect wi...
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Developing my network- I am looking to connect with successful like-minded entrepreneurs. I know so much of success relates to having the right people around you. I have a healthcare EHR startup geared towards counselors. I have been working on it for 5+ years and have put every penny I have into it. I'm 100 percent self-funded and launching in the next 6 months. Is anyone here interested in connecting? Further, how would I reach out to people in my area who I would love to get to know and invite them for lunch or coffee?
I'd love to connect. Where are you based?
PM me, would be interested in connecting!
I am in Richmond, VA
I’d like to connect, I can help with contents|copy for your audiences!
Wow - you are positioning for a launch? I am not familiar with EHR, but I have 3 apps on my phone that enable me to access my health records. Is EHR electronic Health Records or maybe electronic Human Resources? I was looking into EVMR (electronic veterinary medical records) because a Veterinarian wanted to create (buy) a couple of small group Veterinary practices and I was doing some research. I imagined a branded system of systems (SAAS) that could be subscribed to by all Vets, thus expanding the revenue opportunities of the Vet/Startup Founder. Then, by design, he could incorporate ancillary service providers to the network by connecting their records to subscribers and provide an EVMR as an app to pet owners. So pet services in general would be the wider market such as Vets, groomers, walkers, pet sitters, etc as part of the business plan, but essentially the idea was to have a pet focused, pet owner app and connect it via an electronic network of “health / service records” for each pet owner, each pet and each service provider type of idea. Sounds like you have already put in the heavy lifting for your project. Anyway, congrats on the self determination and perseverance factor. I am exploring business development opportunities in that if they were digital based, such as an app or a blog or a marketing piece or something interesting along those lines I might be able to participate somehow. My experience is in entrepreneurial business development from the accounting and finance side, and I seem to be always looking at founder issues, but I am no guru or anything like that. I am based in NY but shoot down to MD several times a year to visit friends and I used to live in Chesterfield county as a kid and summer on the Chesapeake. If I can help in any way, don’t hesitate to reach out. 👍