Hi everyone! Taking @Scott Berchman’s lead! :brie...
# introduce-yourself
Hi everyone! Taking @Scott Berchman’s lead! 💼 What I do: Co-Founder @ Tranch (we’re also on this summer’s YC batch) What does Tranch do: We enable SaaS to offer flexible payment terms to their customers. SaaS co. get’s paid upfront, customer spreads payment out. Think Buy Now Pay Later for B2B. 🌍 Location: London, UK 👨‍💻 What I am working on: focusing on growth via partnerships as well as launching from UK to US (we launched on Product Hunt this week https://www.producthunt.com/posts/tranch) 🤓 I’m here to: meet new customers; understand different gtm techniques; share best practices 📚 Reading: Just finished 3 Ken Follett Books ❤️ Connect: https://www.linkedin.com/in/philipkelvin/ We’d love your feedback on our journey or if you want to learn more just DM me 🙂 https://tranch.com
Welcome to the community @Philip Kelvin 🚀