11/30/2022, 5:21 AM
Trends in B2B Software Content Marketing 2023 - the eBook is out!πŸ“’πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» We decided to put together the β€˜Trends in B2B Software Content Marketing 2023’ report, where we hand over the mic to the B2B content veterans and marketing leaders who grabbed eyeballs with their cunning strategies ✨ Thanks to these experts who allowed us to grill them over these pressing issues, we have curated behind-the-scene stories about how to create better content for your SaaS: βœ… What content format have they seen worked best in generating MQLs βœ… What is the best channel for brand awareness βœ… What are the marketing success attributes their founder tracks and so much more. So put on your noise-canceling headphones and get ready to dive into this report πŸ“: You can thank us later! Want to participate in such surveys, reports and events? DM me.
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