Hi team, My name is Diego and I'm the CEO of <www...
# introduce-yourself
Hi team, My name is Diego and I'm the CEO of www.mineo.app After some years of internal development and being in production for some important clients we finally decided to launch Mineo as an standalone project. We've just released the public beta!. After tired of trying to deploy jupyter notebooks 📓 in production for some years, we started Mineo as a SaaS platform to deploy jupyter notebooks in an easy way with all the production-grade requirements to deploy projects like version control, no-code widgets, data sources, fine grain permissions with audit control, shared file system, etc. Mineo, is not only python notebooks, the platform allows to monitor a track data sources thanks to data observability algorithms powered by machine learning 🤖. Our vision is to create the data platform for the data citizens of the future. You can see in our showcase: https://www.mineo.app/showcase some examples of the platform in action, and you can register freely. We have a free plan to use this platform. Our plan is to continue in beta during this month and pass to the open public version in January 2023. Thanks for your feedback.